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We are pleased to announce that Sunday 24 May 2020 will be the day of Eid’ul Fitr Day, the 1st of Shawwal 1441 Hijri. We ask Allaah SWT to accept all our deeds and to reward us all abundantly in this life and in the Hereafter. Also, we ask Allaah SWT to alleviate the conditions of many of our brethren around the world, Aameen.
Eid-ul-Fitr under lockdown - Click here for more details...

Online Donations / Fitrana / Sadaqah / Zakaat

We are collecting Donations, Fitrana, Sadaqah and Zakaat.

If you would like to pay Sadaqat ul Fitr / Zakaat in person, you may do so by going to:
Streatham Superstore, 165 Streatham High Road, Streatham
London, SW16 6EG OR
El Barraka, 272 Streatham High Road, Streatham
London, SW16 6HE
NOTE: Please pay exact amounts. No change is given.

To pay online, simply choose the type and amount and then click Donate.

Fitrana of £3.50 is the minimum amount per person and should be paid for each and every member of the family, including children. Plesse pay in advance of `Eid day (preferably before 20th Ramadhaan) so that it reaches the deserving in time inshaa-Allaah.

Zakaat - if you normally paid your Zakaat in cash for us to distribute on your behalf then rest assured we will still do so this year - simply pay by here and we will do the rest inshaa-Allaah.


Eid-ul-Fitr under lockdown

The Prophet ﷺ said in Madeenah:

I came to you, and you had in the days of ignorance two days for play and amusement. Indeed, Allah has replaced them for you with that which is better than them: the day of Nahr (slaughtering), and the day of Fitr (breaking fast).

{Ahmad, Abu Dawud}

Stay safe, save lives

This year `Eid day will be different from any before. All mosques will remain closed, and we will not be visiting family and friends, as the rules for social distancing remain in force. Do not risk your health or the health of others, we can celebrate `Eid whilst adhering to Government guidelines.

When is `Eid ul-Fitr?

This will depend on sighting of the new Moon. Please check here or call 07484 199684 for latest update. 

Celebrate and be grateful

وَلِتُكْمِلُوا۟ ٱلْعِدَّةَ وَلِتُكَبِّرُوا۟ ٱللَّهَ عَلَىٰ مَا هَدَىٰكُمْ وَلَعَلَّكُمْ تَشْكُرُونَ

“… and [He wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful.” {Qur’an, 2:185}

The day of `Eid ul-Fitr is not only a time to celebrate, it is a day to be grateful to Allaah for enabling us to complete the month of Ramadhaan, and to appreciate all that He has given us and all that we take for granted.

The Takbir of `Eid

It is a Sunnah to say the takbir of `Eid from the time of Fajr:

اللَّهُ أَكْبَرُ اللَّهُ أَكْبَرُ لَا إلَهَ إلَّا اللَّهُ وَاَللَّهُ أَكْبَرُ اللَّهُ أَكْبَرُ وَلِلَّهِ الْحَمْد

Allaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Laa Ilaha Ilallaahu Wallaahu Akbar, Allaahu Akbar, Wa Lillaahil Hamd.

Allaah is the greatest, Allaah is the greatest.
There is no deity besides Allaah,
and Allaah is the greatest, Allaah is the greatest,
and all Praises are for Allaah only.

Paying Sadaqat ul-Fitr

Unless you are personally giving food to a poor person on the morning of `Eid, you should make sure you arrange to pay Sadaqat ul-Fitr before `Eid day, so that there is enough time to make sure it goes to feeding someone on the day of `Eid. Sadaqat ul-Fitr is £3.50 for every member of the family, and can be paid online here.

All the Sunan of `Eid

We will be able to observe all the Sunan of `Eid, except the usual congregational `Eid prayers.

Normally on `Eid ul-Fitr, we eat before setting out for `Eid prayers. Although we won’t be going out for prayers on this occasion, we should still have something to eat at the start of our day.

We should perform ghusl, wear perfume, and put on our nicest clothes.

`Eid prayers at home?

The scholars have different opinions on whether we should perform the `Eid prayer at home. Some take the view that there is no `Eid prayer at home. Others say you can pray at home; some say individually, and some that the household can pray together led by the head of the household.

There is no sermon if praying at home, but we can give each other good advice and Islamic reminders.

How to perform the `Eid prayer

If you do decide to pray at home, then this is a reminder on how to perform the prayer. There are two rak‘ahs, each with extra Takbirs; the number and timing depends on which school of thought you follow:

Hanafi: in the first rak‘ah, after the opening Takbir and before you recite Al-Fatihah, there are 3 extra takbirs; in the second rak‘ah, before ruku‘ there are also 3 extra takbirs, followed by the takbir for ruku‘. This is the way we perform the Eid prayer at the East London Mosque (as the majority of our congregation follow the Hanafi school of thought).

Others: in the first rak‘ah, after the opening Takbir and before you recite Al-Fatihah, there are 7 extra takbirs; in the second rak‘ah, at the start after the Takbir for standing up and before you recite Al-Fatihah, there are 5 extra takbirs.

For the rest of the day, stay safe and make sure you adhere to the Government’s guidelines. You can enjoy nice food at home, and connect with your family and friends through video and phone calls. You can even go out for exercise, but make sure you maintain social distancing.

We pray for Allaah SWT bless our `Eid, to keep us all safe and healthy, and He SWT brings us back together again in our Masaajid.

Finally, please don’t let your day of `Eid pass without an act of charity, by helping the Mosque with your Donations.

Jazaakumullaahu khairan.

RAMADHAAN 1441 / 2020

South London Islamic Centre is pleased to announce that 1st Ramadhaan 1441 will be on Friday 24th April 2020.

May Allaah SWT make this a blessed month for all of us, especially during this period unprecedented restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Ramadhaan 2020 Timetable now available. Please click here to download.

Please click here for essential guidelines from our Imaams regarding Ramadhaan and `Eid this year.


Our FREE (only Cemetery charges to be paid by family / relatives) and dedicated funeral service is available to assist you at the time your need. Please click here for contacts and essential further information.

For guidelines on assistance with COVID-19 related deaths, please CLICK HERE

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